ACM (ladyceleste) wrote in bad_service,

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills...

Me: Super Ultra Perky Senior Secretary of a Conferences department at a university. I am paraphrasing a little here, but left in all of the best direct quotes.
Person: They call him.... Tim? He speaks with pure anger, like I ran over his dog, puked on the corpse, and then gave it to him as a gift.

Me: *answers main line* Myusualspiel, this is ladyceleste, how may I help you?
Person: This is Tim *somebody* from the Lanier Corporation (the company we get our copiers from), how is it running?
Me: *perky* Excuse me?
Person: *angry* Did you not hear me?
Me: *still perky* I'm sorry, I'd love to help, but I don't believe I understood the question.
Person: *angrier, with completely mocking* Are you stupid? Do you have a hearing aid or something?
Me: Sir, I'm just trying to figure out what you're looking for, and I don't think I appreciate the attitude.
Person: Well, tell me this, do you have a pen handy?
Me: Yes, I do.
Person: *somehow angrier, and screaming* THEN JAM IT IN YOUR EYE. *CLICK*

1) There's a possibility this person was a copier scam gone horribly wrong. I've had a few of those 'I'm from your copier company, could you verify your serial number?' calls lately.

2) This person is actually from Lanier Corp., even though my contact's name is John and I only ever deal with random people (usually ladies) in the customer service department when we have a problem, and I've only had to call twice in 6 months. But... why so angry at me, Tim?

3) Okay, the line "Do you have a pen handy?... Then jam it in your eye!" is kinda funny in hindsight. I hope I have the chance to use it, though I don't think I ever want to be that angry. Ever.
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