Becky (beckatsila) wrote in bad_service,

There's GOT to be an easier way to earn money

Background: I am disabled; SSDI and SSI are my only income. I ran out of money due to bills, so I decided to go to the local plasma bank and give plasma. I've donated blood before, so I didn't think it'd be too hard.

The bad_service: I went to the plasma bank, and they told me to sign in under "New Donors". I waited for an hour, then they told me they lost the list. I half-watched Transformers until they found the list. I waited through the end of Transformers and all of X2: X-Men United. They called me and three other donors back for the initial screening, the whole "don't donate plasma if you have AIDS or hepatitis or we'll prosecute you" speech. We filled out the paperwork, then handed it to them.

I went back out. Transformers came back on. Finally they called me back for the medical screening.

Dr. Murphy S. Law then informed me that because I am on anti-psychotics, I can't donate. He said the anti-coagulant saline solution might trigger a psychotic episode.

I didn't even get compensated for my time. Total wait time? Five hours.

What really gets under my skin is that I can think of more efficient ways to run the plasma bank then they're doing.

Random side note: I started having severe stabbing pain in my lower right side a couple of hours after leaving the plasma bank. I went to the local public hospital. Total time I was there? Two hours. It took only two hours to get me triaged, tested, diagnosed, and medicated. I made better time in the emergency room than I did at the plasma bank.
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