Kaitlyn (kaitlyn142) wrote in bad_service,

Not so much on my side.

I recently moved across country. Anyone who has done this knows the hassle involved in getting new driver's license, plates, etc etc. There has been a lot of suck involved, but most of it is from the DMV, and really, who expects good service from the DMV?

I put off switching my auto insurance until last, because I knew it would be more expensive, and it had to wait until I could afford the higher prices. I also thought it would be the easiest, because Nationwide has been fantastic to me. I didn't even bother shopping around for a lower-cost insurance, because I've had such amazing experiences with Nationwide's customer service.

I registered on the website with my new address. Shortly after, a sales rep called and we got everything set up. New auto insurance, renter's insurance, everything. He even advised me on how I could trim my policy from unnecessary expensive things, since I was having such a major jump in monthly costs. Once again, I thought Nationwide had gone above and beyond the call of duty.

He would have... if he'd done what he said he would do. The sales rep told me it would take several weeks to get my new policy papers in the mail, but that my insurance would never stop. He would simultaneously cancel my old policy and open a new one. I had two options. I could take a refund check from my old policy and pay the new policy full month upfront, or any money paid on my old policy would be applied to my new policy, and once that was worked out, I'd get a bill next month for that month + whatever wasn't covered by the policy refund. I went with the second option, and I hung up assuming all was well. A few weeks passed, and I got my renter's policy in the mail, but no auto. I checked the Nationwide website, only to discover that my renter's policy displays as active, my old auto policy displays as canceled, and my new auto policy doesn't exist.

I freaked out and called customer service, where I was again assured that I do have auto insurance, and he didn't know why it wasn't showing up on the website. He said he'd get it taken care of, that it was just a glitch. I asked who my agent was, so I could follow up with them. He said my current agent was listed as the call center, but that if I wanted a personal agent, I could just call them and ask for them to take my policy.

I called the agent nearest my home today, only to be told that no, they can't just take over my policy. I have to either cancel my new/old policy and open one with them specifically, or wait 6 months until my renewal and sign with them. I didn't like the idea of canceling and reopening without knowing if it would change the cost, so I decided to just wait the 6 months.

Again, I thought everything was fine - until I came home to find a refund check from my original auto policy. No money was put onto my new auto policy, which means I don't know if I am actually as covered as they kept telling me I was. Now I have to go back on the phone with them tomorrow. *headdesk* It's a good thing I was going to the bank anyway.
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