12_drakon (12_drakon) wrote in bad_service,

Telemarketing rudeness

I just received an automated call from my health insurance company explaining that the premiums go up next year. Good of them to call in addition to sending a letter - no bad service there. However, just a few seconds after that call ended, I receive a call from a different company - Federal something... I did not write it down. The telemarketer started a speech about giving better rates, etc. There were no pauses, so after a minute or so of listening, I interrupted with:

- Sir... Sir!
- blah blah blah... yes?
- Please take us off your calling list.
- Do you not have health insurance?
- Please take us off your calling list.
- I will, as soon as you answer my question.
- Please take us off your calling list, now!
- I am just asking a simple question. Why can't you answer?
(a bit more of it)
- I want to talk to your superviser.
- There is nobody here you can talk to. Bitch.
And he hang up.

Whaaa, I was polite and all! Why?

I now wonder if they hacked into our insurance company, or if they are affiliated - and, in general, what to do about it. I tried to return the call, but of course the line is busy.
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