Alice B Goode (aballard23) wrote in bad_service,
Alice B Goode

Jesus christ, superstar!

So, way back when i first started my nannying job my baby bit the dust- that meaning, my 1995 Mercury Mystique, MaryJane, kicked shit and died on me. A WEEK after I put 550 into it for repairs, because it OBVIOUSLY needed it.

My car had been overheating.

Anyway, the drama that followed was me telling them they were shitty and them telling me WE'LL GIVE YOU 550 CREDiT FOR YOUr nEW VEHICLE.

Okay, so cue new vehicle- an 89 Mitsubishi Galant, perfect everything but a broken front motor mount. Which, in case you didn't know, will fuck over the transmission if you like to drive above 55. Which, sadly, I do. A lot. And since I do a LOT of freeway driving to get to my family/friends, it makes it all the sucker.

I went to have my oil changed, and while I was there mentioned that my mother's boyfriend had said there was a missing motor mount, or some such. I assumed they would CHECK THIS. Low and behold, they DID NOT CHECK AT ALL, until the very end, when I was getting ready to leave. The guy walked out there, popped the hood, looked for all of two seconds, and came back to report that ALL WAS GOOD.

But then they told me they would replace it for me, if I brought in the part that my mother's boyfriend paid for. UH? ...

The suck? Midas. In itself. Shittiest car place EVER. 
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