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Part bad service, part consumer warning:

For those of you who live in the South Jersey area and have an account with Commerce Bank, you need to be aware that once again, Commerce had their information system hacked. This would be the third time that I know of in the last 2 months that it has happened. There's not too much information on it yet, but here's a short article on the issue.

The woman I spoke to estimated that 3,000 people were affected total.

Edit: my in-laws had their cards closed as well. I think it's more than the 3,000 the second rep quoted as being affected, because there are too many people that I know that are affected, between 6 people and 5 separate branches, and we all live reasonable distances apart from eachother, so I doubt that just one area of Jersey was affected.

To find out if you were affected, call 1-800-YES-2000, and ask for Heather in the fraud department.
- Friday morning, I stopped at Wawa to take some money out at the ATM, and my card was rejected. The reasoning on the receipt was "Card Retained By Bank." I thought, that's strange, because I have the card in my hand, and neither I nor my fiance (we share a bank account and the one card) had done anything to the account. I thought maybe there was a problem with my paycheque/direct deposit from the night before, so I wait until I get to work and call up the 800 number for some answers.

The woman on the other end said the card was closed on Thursday night, but couldn't give me an explanation as to why because according to her, the branch had done it. So she transfered me to the branch. The woman at the branch tells me, yes, the card was closed on Thursday night... but no one knows why. No notes on the account, no reason listed for the closing, nothing. Okay? The only way to get the card working again is to take it back to the bank and get a new one, and I didn't have time for that, since I was at work. So I figure I'll survive on what cash I had on hand, and send my fiance to get a new card after he finishes work.

I brushed it off as an accident, figuring someone probably shut off their card, and the representative that closed the card accidentally closed ours instead. Until my mother and I went to the nail salon on Sunday, and when she went to pay with her Commerce Bank cheque card - denied! So she ran it through the ATM at the salon, and her slip came back as "Card Lost/Stolen - Contact Bank For More Information."

Lightbulb! My card being closed was obviously not an isolated incident, but I chalked it up to someone with a vendetta against my family, since it was too strange that both of our cards were shut off around the same time. She finally called the bank last night to figure out what happened, and they give her the same exact story: shut off on Thursday night, no reason why, come in for a new card. Weird, but again, I think someone is out to get my family, so I figure we'll all switch banks this week and move on with it.

And then I get to work this morning, and hear the same exact story, word for word, right down to Thursday night, from not one, not two, but THREE co-workers. Which means something must have happened on a widespread scale, and Commerce didn't bother to tell anybody! My fiance rang me a little while ago to notify me that he had seen something about Commerce being hacked on the news, and that Commerce wasn't making an issue out of it, so you had to call in and ask if you were a part of the fraud. So, I call. And I'm told nothing, until I finally say, you know, I understand that Commerce just had their system hacked, do you think that this could have anything to do with all of our cards mysteriously being shut off at the same time, without reasoning from you? Oh, suddenly, the representative gets a clue! So she tells me that we need to check the mail, and if we received a letter from Commerce, then we were in fact, affected, and the letter would say what to do next. I explain we've gotten no letter, none of us got a letter, but our cards were still shut off for no reason, so could you tell us if we were affected by this situation? She refuses, and says wait for a letter.

I could keep ranting, but I'm at work and I can't think coherently right now because I'm so pissed off at the bank for yet again getting hacked, and yet again failing to tell its customers. I shouldn't have to call you and tell you about fraud happening within your company, and then play 20 questions with you to figure out whether or not I was affected, and why the hell my card was closed!

So if you're with Commerce, call up and find out if you're affected ~ they're not going to tell you on their own!

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