Audrey (aujsayshi) wrote in bad_service,

This happened a while ago when my computer blew up, but I think it deserves to be posted here.

So like I said, my computer just stopped working, it wouldn't even turn on. It was old and has a lot of viruses anyway, and so my mother just bought a new computer because we were due for it I guess.

My only issue was that I lost 4,000 songs that I (eek, illegally!) downloaded to my computer/put on my iPod. I had all the songs on my iPod, but not on my new computer. Since I listen to music more on my computer than my iPod, I called up the folks at Apple and asked them to help me. I explained the situation, but didn't mention that I downloaded songs. I just said I had gotten the songs from taking CDs out from the library and borrowing from friends and stuff (so the Apple help guy would realize I don't own a lot of CDs and can't just put the songs back on my computer). I asked "Is there a way to put songs from my iPod back onto my computer?", and he said, "Yes... technically there is... but I'm not allowed to tell you". I'm think like, What? Is this song kind of ridiculous joke? But no, he was serious. I mean, couldn't he just have been like, "No, there's no way for that to happen", so it wouldn't infuriate me so?
That was annoying, but I guess that's what I get for downloading music.

BUT AFTER THAT, he asked for my iPod serial number on the back of my (relatively old) 30gig video iPod. I read the serial number, and he said that serial number belonged to a Macbook. I explained that that was impossible, since I was holding the iPod in my hand, bought it completely fairly at a Best Buy two years ago for my 15th birthday, and I CAN READ NUMBERS AND LETTERS. I re-read the serial number several times (SLOWLY AND CONCISELY) and he insisted that was the serial number for some laptop. I eventually gave up/hung up, because I was getting no help.

I've pretty much recovered my music collection now (and then some), but oh my god I still seriously don't know the deal with my iPod serial number. Is there some way I figure out why my iPod serial number is supposedly the same serial number as some Macbook?
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