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Short, small suck, but I think it counts.

Tonight, I get the rather horrible news that I have adult-onset diabetes. That's not the suck; my doctor was awesome with me, counseled me on my options and got me the prescriptions I needed to get things under control.

The suck begins when I enter a Walgreens, where I'm already a bit behind schedule and have family waiting back home. I get to the drop-off area, and see one woman in front of me. If things were being done right, I should've been up in about five minutes. However, there was a lot of back and forth, and miscommunication with the pharmacist, which concerned me (It should've been my cue to turn around and come back another day).

I wait, and finally, after ten minutes, she finishes with the woman in front of me. When I step forward, she takes my prescriptions, but then asks a coworker questions about a medicine that I KNOW is not on my list. When I ask about it, she smiles and says, "Oh, no, these aren't your meds, these are the other lady's".

I'm thinking, "Beg pardon? Why are you still on hers?" but let it go.

She finally starts putting mine in the system, asks me the standard questions, etc. Suddenly, she stops, and looks at the screen with her hand over her chin thoughtfully. I know that if I hadn't asked, "Is there a problem?" She would've stayed that way, and had to ask her coworker again, instead of telling ME what's wrong. She tells me, "Yes. We don't have 50's, we only have 100's" (referring to the strips needed for my machine). Since I have four orders of 50's, I say, "How about 2 orders of 100's?" and she shrugs, and says, "I'll just give you four orders of 100's".

By now, I'm getting impatient, and just agree for now(I can always change it later, and the copay should be the same). Something that could've easily taken five minutes took fifteen, and I walked out worrying if my prescriptions are going to be right.

(I know, I should have planned for more time to drop off prescriptions and whatnot, and that 15 minutes isn't THAT bad, but the suck is in the fact that she was basically ignoring me while trying to get my prescriptions together, and apparently wasn't much help for the woman in front of me either). All and all, it's a small suck.

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