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Went to Albertsons after work today on my way to a friends house. Ended up getting a little bit of food, ran to the U-scan, got some cash back, then walked out, forgetting that the reason I stopped there in the first place was for some cigarettes.

Drop stuff out in my friends car, run back inside, this time to a cashier. I walk up, she's talking to the previous customer, and then glances for my stuff to ring up. I tell her I just want a pack of Camel Lights. Her shoulders slump, and she says "Do I have to?" I look stunned, then ask what she means. She replies "You shouldn't smoke. You remind me of my daughter and she smokes. Do you know how bad that is for you?"


She stands there for another minute, then I finally convince her to go get them, a whole 3 feet away from her lane. Then because she was so insistant that I not have smokes, I didn't even correct her when she grabbed Marb Lights instead of my Camels.

I know smoking is bad. I can't even walk the half mile up the hill to my work in the mornings without feeling my lungs stress out. I even plan on getting the patch and going to the pool within the month, since I just started a new job with regular hours, so I can plan on going. I am going to quit, but until then, I have the freedom to buy them from a store that sells them with some do-gooder trying to get me to not buy them.

I am calling their corporate office in just a bit. I'm pissed all to hell.
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