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Minor but still irritating.

The place I frequent for breakfast/lunch is done up cafeteria style: Go in, grab a tray and cutlery, select a beverage, pick which foodstuffs ya want, check out, eat, leave. Pretty straight forward, cut and dry, and generally a positive experience.

But apparently...not so much this morning.

I stroll in about 9am and the place is dead (military town on a Sunday/Holiday, not a great deal going on before 12:00). In fact the only tables that were occupied contained a few workers who, I assume, were on a break.

Obviously the lack of foot-traffic makes the procurement of consumables fairly expediant and the staff was very agreeable as well as converastional due to the overall lack of productivity, but I digress.

The bad service is encountered when I proceed to the check out portion of the dining experience.

As I'm walking toward the register, tray in hand, I give a passing glance toward the area in which the cashier and her fellow associates were gathered together, smile pleasantly and go about pulling out my funds in anticipation of the impending currency exchange.

After about 2 minutes or so however, there is no sign of a cashier behind the counter. Perplexed, as I felt it was clearly in the cards that I needed to PAY for my meal before I could eat it, I once more turned my eyes toward the still-sitting employees and asked "Excuse me, sorry to interrupt your break but could someone please ring me up?" All smiles, no sarcasm, no hint of smartassedness in my tone.

Yet the nearest worker glanced up from her bowl of...whatever it was, I wasn't really focused on it...motioned toward it with a slight headbob and held up a finger indicating that I would apparently have to wait longer.

After another two or so minutes pass, Headbobber finally sets her bowl of whatever aside and walks up to the counter. No words, no greeting, no offering of apology is received. Just taktaktaktak 'Your total is Money' payment/change and back to her seat.

Now...I don't know what was going on with this lady. Maybe she was having a bad day. Maybe she wasn't 'in the mood' to be show courtesy. Maybe she needed to get laid. Any number of things could've attributed to her apparent state of Fuck The World.

But come on. I've worked in customer service before. I was a waiter for a few years back in High School. We all have bad days and sometimes we really don't have any desire to be at work OR dealing with customers. However you can't really let that show or affect your job performance. Even if you're pissed off it isn't so much to ask to at least acknowledge the existance of a patron.

I could live without an exchanging of words. I really could. But when the establishment is empty aside from myself and there is no discernable reason to make a person wait besides a seeming lack of a desire to do ones job, I'm going to declare Shenanigans.

5 minute wait, no big deal normally.

5 minute wait without reason, apology or acknowledgement in any way, shape or form? I think not.

Written complaint was filled out on one of the provided comment cards but I doubt highly anything will come of it. Mah well.


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