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Not world's worst service but still wtf worthy and gross.

Now this place is always hit and miss for service - my expectations really aren't that high. In the past one of the delivery guys has hit on me, there's been sexist comments going on in the background when I order (guy yelling at female to get back in the kitchen where she belongs, etc)

Tonight I call up - get a guy who I'm assuming was new. I had to repeat things multiple times, especially the 'no mayo' bit. He repeated them, I repeated them, heard another guy in the background repeating them - this I didn't mind so much, least I should get the pizzas I want (and did).

The weird and gross comes in when the delivery guy gets here. To begin with, he was on his phone the whole time. Made communication between us a little difficult. My order was $28 and change. I had 2 $20s and $7 in change - so I gave him the 2 $20s, told him to just make it $10 change. He had no change. Nada. Took my $40 and said he'd come back with $10. About 10 mins later he comes back - I open the door, to him standing there with it in his mouth, and texting someone on his phone. When he handed it over it was wet.

Had been starving when I ordered the pizza - somewhat lost my appetite now.
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