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It does not accomplish much when the worker who mans the drive-thru can't speak much English, and when this worker has a thick accent (presumably Spanish, it sounded pretty Spanish to me). We almost got two Filet o' Fish meals instead of our McGriddle Meals because we could not understand a damn word the drive-through worker was saying. If it weren't for the trusty LCD or LED or whatever light board McJiggery thing that confirms your order, we just may have pulled up to Filet o' Fish for breakfast.

I know getting workers in retail/food service that can't speak English isn't a new rant, but it's really starting to get to me. Seems every time I enter a fast food joint (and I eat at these places often cos I'm working nearly constantly; it's nearby, it's fast) I get workers that don't have a command of the language so my order gets screwed up often, and I have to stand there and wait for them to correct it, or go over it three or four or ten times to make sure it's right on my lunch break or my 15 or what-have-you, when I really don't have time for it. I don't mind if mistakes are made--it happens. I worked nearly two years at Blockbuster ::shudder:: and I made mistakes. But I corrected them and learned from them. But when the same mistakes are made because of one problem, it's no longer excusable. I wonder where the logic lies to hire people who can't communicate to serve the public of a country that speaks English.
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