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I didn't know dusk = after dark

It gets dark here in IL around 5PM now. At 4:30PM the sun is setting as I pull into a gas station across from my house.
Now there is a HUGE yellow sign on every pump that says "Pre-pay after dark." But it's not dark.
I select Pay Inside - Cash. I put the nozzle in my gas tank. I lift the lever and I hear, "Pre-pay after dark!"
I turn around, puzzled, and the guy at the register is GLARING at me. OK. Fine. I lower the level, I put the gas nozzle back, I go inside.

Guy behind counter: *Rudely* Missed the signs huh?
Me: I missed that it was dark.
Guy: WHATEVER, it's close enough. How much?
Me: $30
Guy: *rips money out of my hand and proceeds to press buttons* You have to shut the pump off.
Me: I did.
Guy: No you didn't!
Me: I lowered the lever and put the gas nozzle back...
Guy: *SIIIIIIGH* Come on, I'll show you.

We go outside to my car, it's all back the way it was when I got there.

Guy: Did you select pay inside?
Me: Yes
Guy: Well then why isn't it working?

Back inside we go. He presses more buttons, he sighs more. Finally he throws my money back at me.

Guy: It's fucked up now! We lost an entire pump because of you.
Me: Can I just go to another pump?
Guy: If I wanted you at another pump I wouldn't have gave you your money!
Me: Oh... um.... OK then...

The owner of the station works there during the morning, he's a sweet old guy who always teases me about my jumbo size of coffee. I plan to discuss the *lovely* evening employee with him tomorrow, even if nothing comes of it.

*Edit to ask -
Does anyone on here work at a gas station? How did he lose an entire pump because of me? Is it because he couldn't get mine to clear off?
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