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Background: I go to a fairly small school in Massachusetts where all the campuses are so close together, there are only 6 bus stops for the whole college. Realistically, if I did not have to lug my laptop and books the whole way, and if it wasn't so cold, I could walk it. Two buses run at once except when one is on break. It takes 15-20 minutes to circle the campus, going to all six stops. With two buses, you rarely wait more than 10 minutes. With one bus, 20 is the most you wait.

I walk to the bus stop at 2:10. I wait for 10 minutes. Some guy that lives two buildings from me sits down. 10 more minutes. 5 more minutes. I call campus police and ask them if the bus broke down. They say no, theres lots of traffic right now. I glance out at the main street. There is no traffic. I thank him. We wait... And wait and wait and wait. at 2:48(!!!) I am fed up and start walking back to my apartment, about a half mile away. I pass one bus stop, and a short road that the bus travels on to get to another bus stop. I get to my apartment at 3:06. At no time has a bus passed me, and I haven't seen it either. I'm pissed off and freezing, so I email the college to complain, knowing they don't care.

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