nmgirl98 (nmgirl98) wrote in bad_service,

Dear  Littlefield Tree Pruning Company,

Thank you for stopping by last week.  As I told your representative, we had no need for your service since there aren't any trees on our property.  That big thing in our front yard?  A yucca.  No, it doesn't need any trimming.  Your question scared me because if you don't know that, then what are you doing soliciting services in a desert town?  When he asked about that big pine tree in our backyard, I told him that it wasn't ours - it was in our neighbor's yard.  Perhaps they could use your service.

Why is it, then, you keep leaving me notices on my door, announcing your arrival in our neighborhood?  Congratulations.  Glad your here.  Why is then, that you decided to call when I hadn't called your wonderful 1-800 number to arrange for your services?  Not once.  Not twice.  Not even three times.  You've called four times and each time I not only tell you we have no trees but to take us off your list.  As I told you on the second, third and fourth call - if you don't take us off the calling list I will be reporting you to the better business bureau.  I've done it 3 times.  Each time, the BBB has told me that they have lodged a complaint against you.  I don't know what the fines are but you must be a very big business if you can afford to pay them.


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