dizzyizzy316 (dizzyizzy316) wrote in bad_service,

Minor annoyance from the other day

 So my fiancee and I made a stop at Fred Meyer on our way home the other night just for a few quick things.  For those that don't know Fred Meyer is like a Super Wal-Mart with a grocery side, home stuff, and clothes.

I always peruse the clearance racks to see if there is anything I like since I am on a tight budget but always need new clothes for my office job.  I found a really cute top in my size, only problem...no tags.  No big deal I find the exact same top in another size with tags so that the cashier doesn't have to send someone for a price check.  We pick up a couple more things we needed and head to the checkout.  Since we know the store so well we usually avoid the main checkouts and go to the smaller one on the other side of the store, it's usually not too busy.

Sure enough there was one cashier and no customers so we walk up to check-out, the cashier is on the phone it sounds like with another emplyee and they are basically just talking at least nothing she was saying sounded OMG Urgent to me or my fiancee.  I wait for her to hang up or put the other person on hold to help us, silly me...of course she can scan items and still talk on the phone!  Nevermind about greeting the customer or even acknowledging their existance.  She's still yaking away.  My fiancee stands there holding the two identical shirts waiting to explain to her the situation.  She just looks at him while still gabbing away, I am tired and just want to go home so I try talking over her saying I wanted the one without a tag.  Finally she tells the other person she has to go then turns and says "What did you want with these?"  By now I am beyond annoyed, and I admit getting a little snippy when I explain I want the one without the tag and I brought the one with the tag to make it easier to checkout.  She says ok and proceeds to finish the order.  I couldn't resist saying "If you hadn't been on the phone you would have heard me the first time."  To which she began saying that she was helping to train a friend on how to cashier...now none of her conversation sounded like it pertained to anything remotely related to being a cashier.  I wasn't in the mood to fight so I just paid and left. 

Is it really too much to ask for a cashier to pay attention to the customer?  Even if you are training (over the phone?) what kind of habits are you teaching by ignoring a customer?  The best part?  My fiancee works for the same company in another store and even he said that what she was doing was way out of line.  I mean granted, I got my stuff no big deal, but a little common courtesy would be nice especially if the customer is trying to explain a situation. 

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