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Service bites

Alright, I know my last post didnt go over to well but thats okay. I understand that my friends are well....loud. Anyway, I guess karma caught up to me even though I wasnt the one that deserved it. Yesterday, I decided to get my hair layered at the salon at my work. I informed them that I had to be clocked in at a certain time and if they didnt have time to do it properly then I would wait. Needless to say a new girl said she could handle it so I sat down. She butchered my hair. She cut at least 4-5 inches off (I didnt want the actual length touched) and the bottom layer wasnt even, it would be straight till the middle go into a v and then straight across again. Then she put me in one of those hair dryers for perms and coloring and etc. after she cut it (thankfully). It now gets to be 5 minutes before so i get up and paid and left. My hair still wet and not brushed or anything and Im a cashier.
Tonight, I had wanted pizza and breadsticks so I called the place to have it delivered. When I called up they informed they didnt have breadsticks so I asked if I could get a 2 liter of pepsi instead. I was told sure. They delivery man shows up and he has slice in his hand. He informs me that they didnt have pepsi at the store.
How should I deal with both situations? The first one I didnt tip because she didnt really do her job but the second one I did tip because he had done his job just the store didnt.
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