Rachael, AKA The Carbonated Mystery Beverage (morningdragon) wrote in bad_service,
Rachael, AKA The Carbonated Mystery Beverage

FreeCreditReport.com, how I hate you

I suppose it's mostly my own fault that I opened an account with FreeCreditReport.com in the first place, but there were some issues that I'll not go into causing me to want to keep an eye on my credit report for a several month period. That period being done and me deciding I'd rather use that money for other things, I called the company this past spring. April's my best guess, but I really can't be sure about that. So I called and talked to an employee who offered me a couple months free use and then the account would be canceled. I asked if it would be automatic or if I would have to call back after that period, because if that were the case I wouldn't have accepted. But I was reassured that I wouldn't have to call back and that everything was taken care of.

Cut to today, I receive an automated email from them stating that a payment had bounced! Bwuh? I called back, find out that my account is still open and active, and after some beating around the bush find out that indeed, I would have had to call back to truly cancel the account. Fantastic. Oh well, it's canceled now (which I only believe because I got a confirmation email telling me as much)
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