Tracy (traecrochet) wrote in bad_service,

Verizon Fios

My parents ordered Verizon Fios as soon as it came out, almost a year ago. We have had no problem with the cable, internet or phone; just with the actual billing itself. We originally had 7 boxes, but when my Great Aunt died 6 months ago, we got rid of 2, reducing the number to 5. We are still getting billed for 7 boxes, even though they were removed, and every time we call up, they usually give us the run around, saying that that they have removed them from our bill. After my mom complains they end up transferring her to another department that gives her the same run around. She has even received confirmation numbers from the various departments.

Even though it only equals about $10 a month, it still adds up over time. My mom has started sending in the the bill minus the $10 for the boxes we don't have, and she is ready to cancel and just go back to our old cable company. Granted, its shitty for my mom to not send in the whole bill, but she is at her wits end with this service.

Anyone have any suggestions? We want to write a letter to the CEO, but we doubt that he'll actually read it.
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