Amanda (miss_mandy) wrote in bad_service,

Here's some bad bank service.

I get paid on Friday. Last time, Saturday morning came and there was no money in my account. I asked the asst. manager about it, wondering if maybe there was a delay and he said that sometimes the banks are stupid and it doesn't get processed till Monday. I think no big deal, simple mistake.

Well this Friday I decided to check my account sometime in the afternoon to see if I had money. Except I couldn't because the website was down. So I phoned the branch. And it rang and rang and rang and nobody picked up. I phoned another number and a woman transferred me to a recording. Which didn't do my any good because I couldn't remember my account number and couldn't really look it up because of the website being down. Finally I got to a real person.

I told her about the website, asked her the balance and discovered that my paycheck hadn't gone through. I told her that I get paid on Friday so there should be money there and she got all snippy and said "Well the day's not over yet!" I explained the situation about the last time when it didn't go in until Monday and she just told me it wasn't the bank's fault, it was my company.

I thought maybe it was a little too early and the money hadn't been sent out yet so I waited until 4:00. By this time I had found my account number so I tried to do the telephone banking as it would be quicker. And it didn't work. And the website was still down. So I phoned the branch again and got the same lady and asked her to check my account again. Still nothing.

I phoned my boss and asked him what the deal was and he said that they do the payroll for everyone at the same time, on the same day and the bank saying it's not their fault is totally wrong because the company has already sent them the information well in advance. (Pay period ends the Sunday before) He said occasionally the deposit will go in later, like on Saturday morning, but apparently my bank doesn't like to process things over the weekend, which is why my paychecks always go in on Mondays.

Which is not very helpful when I have to pay rent and buy a bus pass and basically have no money for the entire weekend.

So in conclusion, I am so switching banks.

ETA: Yes, it's direct deposit, not a cheque. Sorry for the confusion there.
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