wednesday_smile (wednesday_smile) wrote in bad_service,

This isn't absolutely terrible service, but still bad nonetheless. Mom and I were shopping and had to stop for gas. She swiped her card, waited, then tried to pump. Nothing. The pump wouldn't work at all. It didn't start then stop like it does sometimes (because of fumes from your car). It did. not. work.

She canceled the sale and then tried again. Nothing. The people behind us at another pump were also having issues. Mom went inside to find out what was up. They were out of regular unleaded. The attendant also said that cards didn't work on those two pumps (then why did it accept?).

My thing is, I work in customer service. I hate repeating myself. If there is something that isn't working, I'm going to put up some sort of a sign to let people know. Would a sign on the pumps have been so difficult?
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