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Hi all,
I just joined this community.  What a great place to vent.  I did work in customer service (retail) for a year so I know how it is on THAT side.  That being said, I do expect some civil standards of service, even from fast food.  I'm generally the type that's extremely polite to the person serving, and I try to be patient.  But this incident has happened several times now and I'm at the point of not going back, except I really like their burgers (LOL), and Wendy's is close and convenient to home and work.  My town has two Wendy's, home near one and work near the other.

This is sort of cross-posted from my journal.  A similar incident happened today.

October 07, 2007
SO ---- they are continuously (sp?) messing up my order.  Here is what I get:
Small #1 with cheese, mayo, tomato
Coke Zero or Coke or water.  

I've switched back to the soda because it's apparently difficult to understand why I would want water in the bigger cup instead of the small-assed cup they give for just a cup of water.  Instead of putting it in your soda cup.  Is that difficult to comprehend?  Apparently it is if your Spanish.  (Sorry but this has happened multiple times otherwise I wouldn't have said that).

Please do not give me:

-2 orders of French Fries

-A root beer


-Bottled Water and then charge me a dollar for it when I didn't ask for bottled water in the first place.  I know the order is $5.35, I will give you perhaps $10.35 (to make it easier for you to make change), and get 5 back.  It's your fault for trying to charge me the extra dollar.  And that's why today I called over the ASM, because of course, as in the last four times, he was a no hablas ingles.  Which I don't have a problem with normally, and I'm pretty patient normally, except in cases like this.  I just feel that if my Spanish isn't good enough to speak it, then I don't speak it...and some of these people I really feel like they shouldn't be put in the position of taking orders if they don't understand the complaint.

Please do not try to charge me




WHEN ALL THE OTHER TIMES IT HAS BEEN $5.35 and I have exact change to prove it, unless it goes up, in which case I ask, but not normally.

When I kindly ask for a receipt  (may I have a receipt please sir? yes I do say sir).

Please stop pretending you don't understand my English and then get me a receipt after you said you didn't understand.

Please stop pretending you don't understand my English when I try to explain there were two French Fries charged and you REPEAT IT BACK TO ME IN ENGLISH...then stand there and do NOTHING.

Grrr...I understand everyone needs a job and that's cool.  But we all need Spanish and English lessons.  I'd take Spanish if it were offered....seriously, I would.

It's gotten to the point where I went to the Wendy's page to make a complaint.  Guess what?  Their complaint section is under construction.  Go figure.  lol.

I love Wendy's because it is so much cleaner than the other fast food places around here and they do a really good, excellent job with the health/cleanliness of the place.  It's nice and generally convenient for me which is why I go. 

Any advice?  lol.

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