Jenni (shiny_jen) wrote in bad_service,

Royal Mail. UGH.

So I ordered a 3 things online weeks ago (one set from amazon: a slim book and a CD, and one, 2 packages of dice from

I waited well over a week for them to arrive, and figured they might be a bit late because of the postal strikes etc.

I got home the other day to a card pushed through the letterbox which said that they tried to deliver 2 packets, but couldn't because the letterbox 'was too small'. Now I ordered another book separately from amazon about a week later that was at least 3x as thick, and it arrived the next day or the day after easily enough. I know amazon packaging is thick, but I've never had problems in the past with ordering a book that slim and a CD (which may or may not have been packaged separately anyway).

The other potential package was two sets of regular sized dice. I'm wondering how in hell they managed to package them so they wouldn't fit through a letterbox, but I've never dealt with the company before so I can't really judge.

The options listed on the card were that I could collect the packets from the delivery office listed, or have them redelivered on a day that suited me, or I could have them sent to a local post office for a small cost. Being that I don't drive and have no way of getting to the office which is in a really obscure location, very far away and nowhere near any means of public transport, and that the post office is awkwardly situated too and I had to pay, and I didn't know when they would arrive, I opted for free redelivery.

I filled out the form online, chose Friday 2nd Nov for my packages to be delivered, and printed the confirmation receipt.I waited in ALL day, just in CASE because although the delivery office closes at 1:30pm, it says online that it could arrive by a different method and may take until 6pm.


So I call up today. The office is open 7am-1pm during the week, and 7am-10am saturdays (very inconvenient for the vast majority of people I'm sure). I've been calling them since 9 am. There are 2 numbers on the card, the first is a local number. Keep calling them and get a busy signal. The other number is, as far as I can tell, a general redelivery etc. number on automated. When I held to be redirected to someone, it rang for a while, then I suddenly got the 'beeeeep' hang up tone, then I got some weird noise on the line.

I've been waiting for these packets for FOREVER, and if they had delivered them initially at 9:30am when the post actually arrives normally, and not 12:30, I would've been in. If they'd done what they normally do and leave them behind the bin, which they're technically allowed to do I think, then there would've been no hassle. If they'd redelivered when I submitted the online form, slightly less hassle. But I wasted the whole of yesterday at home, they aren't picking up, I have no idea where my parcels even ARE right now, so I'm beginning to get really pissed off now.

ETA: The CD got put through my letterbox this morning, and the packaging was about as small as amazon gets, so why they claimed it didn't fit i have absolutely NO idea...
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