Ashlie (iluvikarishinji) wrote in bad_service,

Post office hijinks

I've been selling things on eBay recently. I sold a Nadia boxset to this man in England who wanted it VERY badly. He paid $14 for Global Priority shipping.

My father said he was going to the post office and asked if he wanted me to mail it. When he came back he said that it only cost $4. I knew that was wrong because I calculated the postage using the USPS website.

So I called the post office where he sent it (I live in a very small town) and the postmaster remembered it and said that her sub helped my dad on Saturday and that I might receive it back because the sub did not do something correct with the customs form that needed to be on the box.

I calculated the postage again and found out it was sent ECONOMY, which takes 4-6 weeks! I was very calm and polite during the entire phone conversation...I just wanted to know if anything could be done.

The postmaster got very snippy with me and said that it was the first time her sub had mailed an international package and she couldn't ask anyone for help. I understand that people make mistakes, but that does not help me knowing that a $50 package is in limbo because of a mistake a new person made.

I hope they give me a refund for the postage if it comes back to me. I am very frustrated because I can't really afford to lose packages and give out refunds. :(


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