drachenfach (drachenfach) wrote in bad_service,

Lunchtime suck

When I order a minced lamb panini with olives, I expect it to come with olives.

When I order a tuna jacket potato with butter and sweetcorn, it's because I want all those fillings in it.

I like my cajun chicken pasta to have cajun chicken in it- I guess I'm weird like that.

Sadly, the sandwich place by my office doesn't always seem to grasp this. Sometimes the food is absolutely amazing, but sometimes the cheese salad sandwich is vegan, the tuna jacket has never seen a fish, and someone feasted on the meat feast pasta before I did and picked out all the interesting bits.

It's kind of a pain, especially when the only other local alternatives are Kentucky fried pigeon, supermarket sandwiches or the worst cornish pasties I have ever had.

Drach- who had vegetarian cajun chicken pasta for lunch, and was not best impressed.

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