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I ordered some D&D miniatures from for my husband for Christmas (we're celebrating on Thanksgiving with his family, because I'm almost 8 months gone with our first kid, and traveling in late December is not something that we want to do). This is not so much a genuine suck as a "get your s**t together!"

I placed my order on Oct 23rd using my Mastercard, which is the one I use for all of my online purchases. I selected the "Free USA Shipping" shipping option, however they charged me $5.50 for shipping. Hrm. But whatever.

By the following week, I was wondering where my stuff was. I went out to my yahoo email address (the one I use for ordering online) and saw an order confirmation, and that order confirmation told me to click on a URL to go check my order status. I did so, and that field was blank on the resulting page. Hmm.

On the same day (the 29th), I found out that we had apparently lost a bill in October for the Mastercard; I found this out because I ordered something online and my Mastercard didn't go through. Oops. I went out and sent an online payment immediately, and called the Mastercard company. They said that as soon as they receive the payment, they will unlock my card. Ok great, problem solved.

I thought that perhaps the problem with the credit card is why didn't send me my stuff; perhaps the charge didn't go through.

On 11/01, I still hadn't received any communication from them regarding my order; by now I would have thought it would have either shipped, or they would have emailed me that there was a problem. So I sent them a nice friendly email from my yahoo email address.

To sum it up, I asked if there was any problem with my order because I'd been having problems with my Mastercard, and their site wasn't giving me an order status. I said that I was happy to provide a different credit card's information, should they need it. I also asked if it would be possible for me to change the shipping address on the order (I decided to have it sent to my MIL's house because my husband is a snoop and if he saw a package from he would whine and plead until I gave him his stupid miniatures LOL).

I didn't receive a response to that email. About 4 hours later, I tried calling them; I got voice mail. Hmm. I left them a friendly voice mail, asking them to please respond to my email ASAP.

I didn't receive either an email or a phone call in response. I've gotten no communication from them whatsoever. This is not a big website with lots of customers; it's a very basic little site. However, I ordered some minis from them last year for my husband, with no problems.

Today I left them a voice mail (because they're still not answering the phone) AND sent them an email that they are to cancel the order. I know it's only been a week since the original order, but I'm getting very nervous with them not responding to multiple inquiries.

I went out and ordered some (cheaper) miniatures at Pff.

The only thing I can think of is that perhaps they are in CA and had a problem with the fire, or somesuch.


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