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Money-hungry much?

I bring you three similar tales of horror from another local franchise location. We make fresh-cut fruit baskets and each store is independently owned and operated. Apparently our neighboring store, "Cityville", is pissing customers off so much that they are calling us asking for numbers to higher-ups. In all three stories, the customers said that when they asked for a number for corporate, they were hung up on. So they called us to get it. And in all three of these stories, I'm quoting the customer's complaints almost verbatim.

During the past two months, three separate customers called our store in Cityville. They wanted something delivered to a location that nobody currently delivers to because it's too far away. Being the ever-generous store they are, the Cityville store agrees to deliver them even though it's insanely out of their way. How sweet.

Turns out, in the three instances we know of, the person they're trying to deliver to is not home when they attempt the delivery. This is annoying, yes, but it happens all the time. Regular procedure is to put a note on the recipient's door letting them know a delivery was attempted and to please call our store to schedule a redelivery at your convenience.


With the first out-of-area customer, they forced a neighbor to take the arrangement (they used the word 'forced' themselves) even though they protested. They told the neighbor that if they did not accept the delivery for them, they would never get it because they were not coming that far out again.

With the second out-of-area customer, they left the arrangement on the recipient's front porch. In direct sunlight. In 80-something-degree weather. Needless to say, it was nasty as hell once the recipient got home. They weren't too happy.

With the third out-of-area customer, they phoned the recipient multiple times after getting to their house and not finding them there. They left multiple messages on their answering machine saying that if they did not come home to receive their arrangement right now, they would not be getting it at all. They ended up taking the arrangement back to the store with them and refusing to give the customer a refund because it's not their fault the recipient wasn't home and that they are (direct quote) "lucky we took the order to begin with".


The best part is that NOBODY IS FORCING THEM TO TAKE THESE ORDERS. They are in no way required to take these orders, if not outright discouraged from it. Yet when they are confronted with the recipient not being there, suddenly the customer is lucky they went so far out of their way for such a terrible inconvenience. On a related note, this is precisely why we actually bother following the franchisee rules and why we won't deliver when you're ass-backwards out of our area.

We've given all three of those people the names and numbers of who to call in the corporate office to get an actual resolution. So hopefully it will do SOMETHING. This store is notorious for breaking even contractually-required rules. They've been fined out the ass for it and considering we got the most recent call of these three this very morning, they apparently haven't learned much from it.
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