MLW Lundeen (destinysdiamond) wrote in bad_service,
MLW Lundeen

Wal-mart may be cheap ...

but cheap stores usually have bad customer service.

Today for an example. I'm in Wal-mart trying to buy cages for some cats that I'm putting up for adoption. I don't buy the cages at pet stores because they're so expensive.

Anyway, after searching the pet department for someone to help me, I end up having to go across the store where I finally found someone.

They call someone to help me get the cages down, but no one comes. An employee walks by and asks if I'm being helped. When I say no, he walks off and calls someone to help.

Again ... no one comes.

After waiting and waiting I grab a nearby stool and get the heavy cages down myself. I also nearly fell in doing so.

When I check out I have a manager called over and I tell her about it. Then when I get home to set up the cages, I noticed that one was in very poor shape and the plastic bottom was chewed off in one corner.

You'd think if a product was returned they would at least check it before sticking it back on the shelf ...
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