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Bad Service - more like, No Service - from an online vendor

On September 29th, I ordered a key holder plaque from www.norsecrafts.com.  Apparently, everything they make is hand-painted and may take longer than a normal internet order to arrive.  OK, fine, not a problem.  I anticipate (since I can't find any estimate on the website) that it might take 2-3 weeks for my small keyholder to arrive.

...fast forward to now.  Over a month later.  I still have not received the key holder, a shipping notification, OR any communication whatsoever besides my original order confirmation.  My credit card was charged 5 days after I placed the order - nearly a month ago now.

The website says she can only be contacted by email for order status questions.  Accordingly, I send an email this past Saturday with my order number and my question of, basically, "Where is it?" (I was much nicer than that, though, of course.)  I hear nothing.  I re-send the email two days ago.  Still nothing.

I called the number in the confirmation email today, even though I thought that was probably pointless.  No answer.  Left a message on the voicemail.  I don't anticipate a callback as it states on the website that she does not call customers back.

Her emails are not being blocked by my spam filter (on gmail) as obviously I recieved the first one, and I've checked my spam ever since I emailed her on Saturday.

I have no idea what to do now.  I just want my keyholder!  I feel like this is getting pretty ridiculous and while I don't want to have to dispute the charge on my credit card (I've never done that before), I am not going to pay for this if she won't even communicate with me.  I haven't yet threatened to dispute the charge but I guess I may have to...has anyone else had a similar experience?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

**Edit 11/1/07** 

Got an email from her today apologizing for the wait and saying that my keyholder should be going out "in the next few days."  Hopefully this is the case and I don't have to follow-up with this post again!

Thanks so much, everyone, for all of your advice!  (I was just about to reply to everyone individually but then I got the email, so it makes everything kind of null & void, heh.)

Thanks again!
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