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Car Purchase


CL = Car Salesplace Manager Lady
IS = Incompetent Salesman

First off: CL, the owner's manual says that this car tows 1000 pounds. We need-- NEED-- it to be able to tow at least 3500 pounds. No, I won't believe you when you say that you're CERTAIN it tows 3500, because I'm looking straight at the owner's manual and it says 1000 pounds. However, we're pretty sure that the purchase agreement was signed, and thus are pretty sure we're stuck. >.<

Second off: Incompetent Salesman. The only thing I can think of is that you'd just started working that day, because I-- shorter, lighter, not-mechanically-inclined girl-- could tell more about that car at first glance than you. IS, you thought that the electric engine was the combustion engine (it's a hybrid). You thought the windshield wiper fluid container was the radiator. You couldn't find the spare tire, and swore up and down that the car came with a trailer hitch, until I demonstrated that it didn't. Then, you tried to flirt with me constantly when we (my dad and I) were looking over the paperwork. Even ignoring that you appear to be well over twice my age with a permanent sunburn, you smell funky. Like chili powder and soy sauce mixed with peanut butter. You're a fairly nice guy, since you let me drive the car all over town to see how it ran... I just don't want to date you.

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