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Air Duct Cleaning

Have any of you ever had someone in to clean your air ducts? What was your experience like? For me, it was a disaster.

-First off, they kept rescheduling, and they still showed up an hour early, usually that wouldn't bother me except for the fact that I work afternoons so I was barely awake when they showed up.
-Their English was so horrible I could hardly understand them
-They blew out 6 vents total - 5 outgoing, and one return - the coupon I had was supposed to be for 10 vents
-Did not even remove the vent covers on 3 of them, one that they did remove they tore the paint/drywall off the wall doing it and left the mess laying on the floor. They didn't even take off the cover on the one in the front room that isn't even screwed in! (They stuff a hose thing down them to blow air through, so it wasn't like the hose even could go in those tiny slats in the vents that they didn't remove)
-They acted completely clueless when I asked them about the furnace maintenance coupon that was also on the same sheet with the duct cleaning coupon
-One of them used the bathroom (call me weird, but that's a pet peeve of mine when people do that without asking)
-One of them washed his hands in the kitchen and got water all over the place
-They left the front door wide open when they came in, and left the back door wide open when they left (I have pets so I had to search high and low to make sure they were all still in the house - cats tend to hide when strangers come in making a bunch of noise)
-I still don't understand how they came up with a total of $82.99, all I can figure was the $39.99 for 10 duct cleaning coupon was basically useless, and they charged us for drilling holes in our ducts
-They tore up a chunk of the lawn with their van
-I had to follow after them to make sure they plugged or put covers over the holes in ducts before they left, and they were big holes - about the size of a coffee can lid. I could understand one for them to attach their suction hose, but the rest?

I basically kicked them out of the house when that $39.99 coupon turned out to an estimate of $454.99 to ... if I understood correctly ... make a bunch more holes in our ducts to clean the 1/16th inch of dust off them. Honestly, they were a lot cleaner than I expected them to be considering the fact that we have two large dogs and 6 cats.

Am I just clueless or is this a typical thing to expect?
If anyone cares, the company is in Royal Oak Michigan and is called American Quality Temperature ... LOL at that name since they may be American by living here, but their "Quality" left a bit to be desired IMO.

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