PolyEMTgirl (polyemtgirl) wrote in bad_service,

So my fiance Shawn and I ordered a demo of the Rosetta Stone language software to give it a try.. We both really want to learn Spanish to help with work (we are both EMTs) since we get a lot of patients who ONLY speak Spanish... I took it in middle and high school for a total of six years and I still don't understand it, so we figured if anything would work for me, it would be this...

So I go to install the demo, and it won't let me get past "choose a language level"... I guess the real software gives you choices between beginner, intermediate, etc, but the demo just stops there... HOW THE HELL am I supposed to know if I'll like the software enough to shell out $200 for it if I can't even try it?!?!
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