Laura (rearrangedfaith) wrote in bad_service,

usps. kind of minor suck.

so, i've been waiting two months for a package. it's a custom order, so the two month thing doesn't really bug me.

what does bug me though, is the postal service.

i got an e-mail from the vendor telling me she shipped my items last tuesday (10/23), so i've been checking the tracking/confirmation part on every day. finally, saturday (10/26), they have some information. they allegedly shipped it, and left notice since nobody was home. alex, my boyfriend, was home for part of the day, but left. there was still absolutely no notice. (leaving no notice has happened before, and the book we ordered got sent back. luckily he ended up not needing it, and the vendor partially refunded us.)

so fast forward to today (10/29). i am excited to finally get my hands on my parcel. i have alex stop by the post office on his way out (probably around 9am), and he does. they (clerk 1) can't find it, and tell him to come by with the article number. so he comes home, after running his errands, and i go with him (around noon), with the confirmation code. they find it in the computer, but the guy (clerk 2) can't find it anywhere. i mention that my mail gets forwarded, and ask if that may be a problem. he says no, and that they have it scanned in at that location. he advises that we wait for our carrier, and ask him if he has it. so i wait around for a few hours, do laundry (and lock my keys in the laundry room, ha) and see that he's finally here ( around 3 pm). ask him, nope. he wasn't working this weekend, so somebody else must have it. so back to the post office (3:30pm, where clerk 2 and clerk 1, both notice us and waive us through the line of 12+ people. angry people, once they saw us get ahead of them, still angry when clerk 1 explained that this is our second, (with clerk 2 piping in to say, third) trip today. i felt like an asshole, and would have waited in line to be seen. they both go back and try to figure out where the hell my package is, with no luck. so clerk 1 takes down some information. my name, alex's name (since i'm not 100% sure which of us she shipped it to), our address, our phone number, and the confirmation code, and hands me a slip of paper with their number so i can call them tomorrow before 10am and speak to either my mail carrier (who i already have..) or the delivery supervisor to see what the happyhaps is. atleast both of the clerks were very nice and apologetic. clerk 1 even seemed pissed off, and excited about the potential for the carrier getting in trouble for fucking off on delivery.

so.. what did i just do, out of curiosity?

i checked to see if maybe there's any mention of my parcel's whereabouts.

Forwarded, October 29, 2007, 8:17 am, SCOTTSDALE, AZ
Notice Left, October 26, 2007, 2:10 pm, SCOTTSDALE, AZ
Arrival at Unit, October 26, 2007, 4:26 am, SCOTTSDALE, AZ
Processed, October 25, 2007, 10:49 pm, PHOENIX, AZ
Electronic Shipping Info Received, October 23, 2007

how in the hell could they not know where it is, and yet have a forward date & time of BEFORE EITHER OF US EVEN WENT IN? (i know their website only gets updated every evening, but their physical locations shouldn't have to wait until the evening to be updated)

i'm hoping the forward means that whoever subbed for my regular carrier forwarded it to my regular post office and that i'll be able to get it from them tomorrow, and not have to worry about driving out of town to where my mail gets forwarded, and them not knowing where it is either. i guess i'll find that out tomorrow if i can manage to get to a phone while at work and call them before 10.

update: my boyfriend called the post office today, and they confirmed that it was forwarded to my parents house. no explanation as to why they couldn't have just told us that yesterday though. they said it should be their either today or tomorrow, so hopefully it is.

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