nmgirl98 (nmgirl98) wrote in bad_service,

 Oh Verizon.... 

Quickie background - here in New Mexico the area code has changed for the majority of the state.  They've been discussing this for a couple of years now so it isn't exactly a surprise to anyone.

Well, except for Verizon.

I've been having problems since the change happened.  Yes, both the area codes will work for a year but folks are trying to get used to the new one - 575 instead of 505 for those of you playing at home.

I gave it a week but when it became appearant that I wasn't getting calls, voicemails or text messages, I decided to take myself down to the local Verizon shop to see what was going on.

At first, the clerk was great.  Yes, she said, a lot of folks had been having problems.  Have you updated your phone?  Well, no I haven't so we did that.  She calls my phone...nothing.  She was directed right to voicemail, left me one and we waited.  Nothing.  We waited some more.  Nothing.  Hmmmmmmmm.  I call a friend and ask him to call me back.  Nothing.

The clerk starts getting a little antsy and gets the manager over to help.  Wow.  This woman not only had someone pee in her cheerios, but they must have run over her dog and set fire to her car.

She listens to the clerk, looks at the phone, looks at me and looks at my account.  Then she starts into her 'your phone is 2 years old - have you thought about updating' spiel.  I thank her for her 'suggestion' but inform her that I'm more interested in fixing the current problem instead of shelling out money.  (In hindsight, maybe a newer phone would have fixed the problem but I wasn't prepared to buy a new phone.)

She tapped away on the computer for about 5 minutes or so, picks up the phone and makes a call.  I'm leaning against the counter with my arms on top, my phone in my hands.  She hangs up, rips the phone out of my hand and says, "How are you supposed to know if you're getting a call if you're phone is on silent??"  and opens my phone.  Heheheh..sorry Broom Hilda, but tis not on silent or vibrate.  She tries to recover by saying that she's not had any customer problems with the new area code and that she's done all she can possibly do - short of the new phone.

Then, she tosses the phone on the counter (thankfully on the mouse pad) and announces that unless I purchase a new phone, there is nothing that Verizon can do to help me then turns away.  The poor clerk looks at me and gives me a 'so sorry' look.  She gives me the number for customer service, says that I'm not the only one having trouble and maybe to give them a call to let them know.  I guess they are keeping track of who's having problems and so on.

The sucks ends, thankfully, when I call CS.  I get credit on my bill, take my information on what's going on - and get a nice report on how sucky the manager was at the local store.

I'm still having serious problems with the phone but at least the gal on the other end of the customer service  line has been helpful.

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