gonepostal2001 (gonepostal2001) wrote in bad_service,

Annoyed with Northwest Airlines

My mother and I are going to Hawaii in January and I chose a flight that was due to arrive back in Vancouver late on the 31st. We were going to stay in a hotel that night, and she would fly back home to Ottawa the following morning. Well, a couple of days ago I got a voice message from Northwest Airlines saying that they've bumped us to a night flight. We're now scheduled to arrive back in Vancouver early on February 1. That means that we don't need our hotel booking anymore, but it turns out that we can't cancel it because we got some kind of discounted rate. We have to pay for the room whether or not we use it. To change our flight time by a couple of hours would be okay, but Northwest has us leaving eight hours later than we were supposed to. Is it worth my while to harass Northwest and get them to reimburse me the cost of the room? Or am I out a hundred bucks?
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