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I worked at a grocery store for three years. I'm pretty well versed in the WIC protocols. Yay. I have also been on WIC for six months now and I have every single WIC-approved-everything memorized. For the record, I'm also college-educated and literate! Hurray.

So, yesterday I went to get food.

My check was for:
1 gallon low-fat milk
2 WIC juice
1 lb WIC cheese

I went to the deli counter and asked for 1lb of LOL American cheese. I mentioned to them that it was for WIC, so it had to be exactly one pound of cheese. They said OK. When I was given the package, it was for 1.01 lbs of cheese. I told the guy that even though it was for 1/100th of a pound that technically it was over and asked if he could remove a corner or something so I wouldn't get questioned at check-out. He said that he was the deli manager and that no one would give me a hard time over an amount that minute. I said okay and finished shopping

I approached the register with my groceries pre-sorted. WICs check must be tendered in a separate transaction. Therefore, I required two transactions (WIC and Other) I placed WIC stuff first on the belt with the check and my WIC ID (which I'm required to show) on top of the juice.

I was buying:

1 gallon of fat-free Garelick Farms milk
2 cans of V8
1.01 lbs of LOL American cheese

(all of these are WIC approved, even though they're brand-name)

Cashier was a cocky young-ish guy. I greeted him and he didn't respond. Then he took a look at the WIC check and sighed like I was inconveniencing him by being in his presence. Whoops, I'm sorry my poverty offends. *rolls eyes*

So, I figure this is a cut and dry thing. He takes one look at the milk and says, "this isn't approved milk on WIC" Um...yeah, it is. I break out my brochure and show him that I can buy any brand of milk as long as it's not organic, sweetened, canned, chocolate, soy, condensed, flavored or whatever. He grabs the thing out of my hand and looks it over like I'm trying to pull shit on him. Hi. Sure, I'm broke- but I can fucking read, thanks.

Rings up my milk while scoffing.

Then he looks at the V8 and sighs again, "you can't get this" Um....yeah, I can. He tells me that I can only get Juicy Juice (which is total bullshit) Again, I break out the brochure and show him that though many people get Juicy-Juice, V8 is also approved. He then goes over to another register and pulls out the same brochure that I had just given him and compares them. They were the same edition, I guess he wanted to prove that I didn't forge it or something. Whatever. He rings up my damn juice.

Then he gets to the cheese and announces over the PA system that he needed a manager for a WIC transaction. Now, I'm standing there with my baby in a sling. He's been fussing because this is taking FOREVER. There's a line, I've been embarrassed enough with his tone and accusations and general ignorance of how WIC works. We wait, and wait. Meanwhile, he's apologizing to the other customers in the line for it taking so long (but not me- even though I've been nothing but informative and nice) but WIC is difficult to deal with. My baby screams. I nurse him in the sling while standing up. Cashier looks terrified. Sorry, eating baby is less grating on other customers than screaming baby. Ten minutes go by and finally manager shows up.

Cashier moves away from register and shows manager my cheese. Gestures to my milk and my juice. Manager and cashier break out the brochure and whisper back and forth. Manager comes over and says that the cheese is over by a tenth and I'm only allowed a pound. I explain to manager that .01 means 1/100th, not 1/10th and that [deli guy] told me that it wasn't going to be a problem because I asked him to take a corner off to make it even. Manager acts like it's my personal mission to rip the State of New York off by 1/100th of a pound of fucking American cheese. Then he asks if I'm even allowed LOL brand.


I break out my trusty brochure again. Ta-da. They call [deli guy] who admits that he said I would be fine. They reprimand him in front of me and in front of everyone else by saying, "They can only get ONE POUND. Everything else is over. I don't care how nice they are, ONE POUND- anything over they can buy themselves!"

Rings up my cheese.

Gives me check to sign. I sign. I ask for my WIC ID back. Cashier says I never gave it to him. I point to it sitting on his counter. He basically throws it back at me. Tosses me my bag. I'm done nursing the baby (PS- no part of my body was showing at any time, hence the sling) he basically scoffs again. Now, I don't give a damn what his personal opinion of broke people being babies is- I hope his eyes get fucking stuck in his skull for treating me like that in public.

I stand there. He says, "WHAT?!"

I'm say that I'm waiting for the rest of my groceries. Without a word he rings it up. Throws everything into the bag. I ring through my card. Yay. Reciept? He was ringing up the next person in line. I wish him a good day.

He rolls his eyes again.

The end. :[

ETA: post is now unlocked so everyone can jump in and defend those of us who are on programs such as WIC. For the record, though (as most of you know) I'm a hardcore socialist, since this actually involves something that happened to me and my family, I'm not going to jump into the frenzy. Just, read some of the other threads that I've posted in about this stuff and make me proud, mmmkay?
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