nestealover2002 (nestealover2002) wrote in bad_service,

Good service mixed with bad service....

I went and had my hair cut and coloured, blow dryed, and styled a couple weeks ago. My hair needed a lift, so I thought I would treat myself. I ended up spending about $75.00 on it. (which I found reasonable for a higher-end salon) The price didn't bother me too much, I actually had anticipated about $85.

Anyway, the whole time that I was having my hair done she did not say anything. I spent two hours there in total and she didn't talk to me at all. I'm used to having a conversation with my hairdresser. The lady that was doing it was not my usual hair dresser, although mine was working. I understand that their job is not to play shrink or anything (although they do) but if I have to sit for two hours straight, you'd think she could have at least had a 15 minute conversation with me. Nope. I read a couple magazines they had instead, thank God I found a J14 otherwise I would have gone nutty.

Also, I'm not stupid and I know how long your colour is supposed to be left on before it's supposed to be washed out. Hairdresser disappears into the back. She had gone out to the back for a smoke. I keep looking at my watch, wondering where she is. She was about 10 minutes late and I was getting pretty antsy. My scalp was itching like crazy. Especially, since the way she dyed my hair the top part was left on a lot longer while she took her sweet time doing the bottom. The top half ended up being darker than the bottom half. x.x Now that I've washed my hair a lot it looks fine but still. And while dying my hair she spent a good extra five to ten minutes going over everything a billion times when it was clearly finished. I was sitting there thinking "uhh it's done, you can stop now" I kept my mouth shut though.

The good service part: I really appreciated the fact that when I mentioned I was going to a banquet that night she spent extra time making my style look nice..

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