Lo (okrockon) wrote in bad_service,

Location: Target- Glendale Heights, Illinois.

(Before I begin I wanna say that I work at Starbucks, my bf works at another area Target, we read customers_suck and are definitely aware of the trials and tribulations of retail. It makes us nicer customers and people in general, I think.)

We went to exchange a top I bought the other day, the sticker on the shirt and the tag didn't match up, size-wise, so I wanted the correct size. My boyfriend is a supervisor at another area Target, so of course I saved the receipt, completely aware of Target's return policy and not wanting any sort of hassle.
The girl in customer service was new, and was not aware she could have done the exchange rather easily, so she paged for a GSTL (guest service team leader) to do the transaction. My bf tried to walk her through it, but she insisted. We heard her over the walkie paging the GSTL... it took literally half an hour. We are patient people, but seriously? WTF. Finally the LOD (leader on duty) came instead, finished the transaction for store credit, and we were free to shop. We hung around this Target for a good half hour, browsing and such.
It turns out Target has some really good deals going on right now, lots of clearance. I found two tops I liked and went to pay using the store credit.
One of them wasn't ringing as clearance. Look, I know sometimes things get misplaced, whatever. I just wanted a price check to be sure, there was more than just that one top in that section and my boyfriend saw it, too.
The cashier made the biggest to-do about turning off her light and calling for the LOD to come help. When customers came to her line she made sure to let us know by her tone ("sorry I need to do a PRICE CHECK") that we were greatly inconveniencing her. I kinda understand how it can be a pain in the ass, but you NEVER let the customer know. Ever. That is completely unprofessional.
This whole process took about five minutes, and we offered to get out of line. My boyfriend even offered to show the girl from soft lines where the shirts were located. Instead, the cashier was rude and opted to act annoyed and not even acknowledge us as she asked for the next customers in line.
Finally, the LOD came out and dismissively informed us that the tops were in the wrong section and they were priced as marked. Fine. In that case, I didn't want it, I was still polite about it even though it was their error.
At this point, the cashier went to ring us up using the store credit and said that it didn't go through. We assumed the transaction at guest services didn't go correctly, and my boyfriend asked for the top so he can go pay at guest services while he gets it sorted out. The cashier instead said "No! Pay for it now, or go sort it out, I can't give it to you!"
Mind you, she had no idea that my boyfriend's position at his own Target is the boss of hers, and that he knows his shit inside and out. He asked that she get a GSTL to walk us and the top over to guest service, and again she flatly refused! Annoyed, he said we would see what was going on with the store credit, and we were not even three feet away when she began complaining about us to the impatient EB in line behind us who was glaring at us the whole time. Something to the tune of, "God, either you have the money or you don't! Some people! How cheap can you be!"
HELL NO. At no time is it appropriate to talk shit about a customer to another customer, especially when they are WITHIN EARSHOT.
So, we took it up to guest service, my bf explained what was up and spilled that he works at the other Target, and would be calling their LOD tomorrow to discuss this situation.

Oh, but suddenly the tone changed, and the girl there rushed to grab the top from the lane with the rude cashier, and we were given the woman's name, comment cards, and recovery coupons. The girl at guest service even acknowledged that the cashier had no right to refuse to give it to us to pay there.

Of course I got the woman's name and I will be leaving a comment card about how rude she was, and my boyfriend is going to talk to the LOD tomorrow at that store, who HE trained at his own store, about the issue.
I just wanted to let the community know, in case anyone goes to that store, to keep an eye out for rude behavior on all levels, it was unbelievable.

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