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Medical II

This whole injections thing seems to have a little black cloud. First my doctors give me the wrong injection amounts, then when I go to the pharmacist, she gives me the wrong prescription. Because I'm having very frequent blood testing, it's important to my specialist (the only one who seems to know what in the hell he is doing) that I have a VERY set in stone routine.

Today was my first day doing the injection myself, and I have only two injections left. The blood test we'll be basing everything off of is based on the next two blood tests, or I have to redo my three month trial period, which means even more expensive trips to see my specialist. Thanks to the doctors messing up, I have a lot of stress about this. I don't understand why only Dr. Butterworth deals with this here in town, but whatever.

So, I take in the prescription. It's VERY specific:

-200ml container
-1ml syringe
-25 gauge needle
-16 gauge needle

I've done the injection ONCE at the office with the doctor. So, I get my needles and the like, and the pharmacist gives me a sealed bag with said syringe, and one with said needles. I ask if everything is there, as I don't want to have to catch a city bus across town to bloody well get a prescription fixed when I'm all ready nervous about walking on eggshells and having to redo the entire bloody trial period! She assures me it's all "peachy".

At 4:00 I get prepared to do my injection, pop on the 18 gauge needle (it said SIXTEEN, but what the hell, obviously she couldn't read...) onto the 3ml syringe (......not what I asked for.....) and withdraw the medication to the amount I need. I unscrew the needle and go to put on the other one to find out... THERE IS NO OTHER NEEDLE.

It's my first time (she was aware it would be), and I have the option of stabbing myself in the leg with an 18 gauge needle, or missing my trial period.... I have never had to jab something that thick into my own muscle before. I think I saw stars.

When I called her, still feeling sore from jabbing a fricking 18 gauge needle into my thigh muscle and spending 45+ seconds injecting this crap (of course my shaking from pain/anger/fear of huge fucking object in my leg did not help any pain), she started laughing about it. Apparently she thought it was stupid to use two needles, and so she just gave me one. I wanted to kill her. I called my useless bloody local doctor and asked about how one gets their prescription transferred to be filled elsewhere.

What the hell! I've been so polite and smiley with this whole thing, and yet it just keeps biting me in the ass and everyone just laughs it off. Injections wrong? That's kinda funny! Making a patient jab themselves in the leg with a bloody huge needle when they're all ready inexperienced? Ha ha ha, that's a good one!

It's a good thing I'm an atheist, or I'd start thinking God just hates me. My leg still damn well hurts.

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