The Forgotten Colloquialist (papermuse) wrote in bad_service,
The Forgotten Colloquialist

Ahhh, The Grocery Store

Does it annoy anyone else when the bagboy and cashier stand there and have a converstation pretending as if you dont exist? If the bagboy stated something like "Dude, I never card, I just make shit up!" when the cashier asks for your id, what would you think? And then, while trying to talk to the cashier about how his girlfriend is "such a douchebag" and then insisting that the cashier turn his light off after you, the customer, left so he could "like, tell you something for 5 minutes dude!" during the 5 o' clock rush, would you be inclined to speak with the manager? 

They are severely understaffed right now, so I daresay nothing would be done about Rodney The Annoying Bag Boy, but I am sorely tempted to call and say something anyways, because his manners in front of customers was considerably lacking, to say the least.
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