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The past few days I've been eating egg salad sandwiches for lunch. There is a small mom & pop sandwich/convenience store right beside my office building.
(pop overlooks and greets, son on cash, mom & daughter making the food)

Day before yesterday I decided to give them a try. I go in and they only have crab salad sandwiches in the cooler. I asked if I could get an egg salad sandwich and they were more then happy to make me one and it was really cheap. I figured I just might of found my new favorite sandwich place.

Yesterday (lather, rinse, repeat) the only difference was that I watched the mother & daughter making the food. Mom was making my order and the daughter was making a wrap for another customer. I was grossed out to see the daughter make the wrap and lick the sauce off her fingers, then touch the wrap again and give it to the customer. The customer was busy looking at stuff in the store and didn't see her do this. The mom gave me my sandwich and and I left. If the daughter was making mine I would have said something the moment I saw her lick her fingers and touch the wrap. (I kind of feel guilty that I didn't anyway.)

I tolerated the glove free hands touching the food but if you're going to lick your fingers I'm out of there.
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