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I'm at the theater with my friend to see Harry Potter for the second time. (yeah, we're geeks.) We're late, so I'm eager to get in line and get a ticket - there are two workers at the registers, and a woman in front of us steps up to one. My friend and I move politely to the other. Who promptly bites our heads off.

Him: I'm closed.
Me: Oh... I'm sorry, you're closed?
Him: *in a very nasty tone* Yes, I'm closed. If I was open I would have asked if I could help you. Jesus. *stomps off*

I'm sorry, but if you're standing there, playing with the keys of your register and looking bored, I'm going to assume you're open. And if I was being stupid, the attitude really was not necessary. So bitch, please, you asshole.

To add insult to injury, his coworker tried to make some snotty joke when we were buying in response to our concern that they might not be selling tickets for the show anymore, seeing as we had arrived 15 minutes late.

I was polite, they were rude. Left me with quite a poor taste in my mouth.

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