Preserving dead alien corpses since 1995! (cschick) wrote in bad_service,
Preserving dead alien corpses since 1995!

Did I or my order upset you?

For lunch today, I hauled my butt down to our local Wendy's. I like their spicy chicken sandwich, but I have an indifference towards mayo. Sometimes, I just order it no mayo, but sometimes I ask for ketchup to be added.

I went inside the restaurant because, two weeks ago, I caught a bad cold and my voice is still missing in action. I figured that my current "sounding like I've been smoking 3 packs a day for 20 years" voice and the drive through mic wouldn't get along very well.

I ordered my spicy chicken combo, no mayo, with ketchup. The cashier repeated it back to me: with mayo AND ketchup. I repeated: no mayo, add ketchup. I was being polite: I know my voice sounds like shit right now and might be hard to understand. I saw it ring up correctly on the register and thought nothing further of it.

The sandwich area in this tiny Wendy's is directly to the left of the registers. There's about 4 feet from the register to the sandwich prep area. So, the sandwich prep person had to have overheard my conversation with the cashier.

My combo comes out, and I give it a casual check: sandwich in right wrapper, fries. I didn't check the sandwich itself because if there was mayo on it, I could deal.

Back at the office, I open the sandwich. There is ketchup leaking from every crevice. The bun has started to break apart in the sea of ketchup. I'm talking about an amount of ketchup that would take 8-10 pumps from one of those fast food ketchup pumps; around 1/4 the amount you'd find in a standard grocery store bottle of ketchup.

Apparently, either my conversation with the cashier or the order itself pissed off the sandwich prep person.
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