writerjess (okanagansun) wrote in bad_service,

Sucky pizza joint

Stopped in at a pizza joint for some slices last night. The service there is notoriously bad but it's the only late-night place that serves pizza by the slice. 

I felt bad for the young guy behind the counter, whose first language was clearly not English and he was doing his best to try and understand the mumblings of an almost incoherent and absurdly indecisive customer who couldn't decide what he wanted. As customers piled up behind us, I counted how many more staff there were behind the counter: six. All ignoring us.

The young guy called back for some help up front, and a surly young woman stormed up behind him and started yelling "WHAT!!? Can't YOU HANDLE IT? What is your PROBLEM" to the young guy. Everyone was wide-eyed. She continued: "Why can't you just DO YOUR JOB like the rest of us. It's NOT like it's HARD!" And then she stormed away.

I noticed the owner milling about behind the counter (I've been there enough times to recognize him). He was keeping his hands busy moving napkins and pop around, but wasn't accomplishing much. I politely asked, "is there anyone else working here who is available to serve customers?" He looked shocked, as if he hadn't seen the five people now waiting in line, and told me to hang on. A couple of minutes later a nice kid finally came out to help us buy pizza, and we were on our way.

Bad service is definitely yelling at your coworkers in front of customers. He didn't deserve it; he was just asking for help! And also bad service is the owner just standing there and letting it happen, without saying anything to the offending employee, and also not helping customers.
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