Hands of an Assailant (eyesofavictim) wrote in bad_service,
Hands of an Assailant

Dear Planned Parenthood Woman,

My friend and I were very grateful that you allowed me to come in the exam room with her because she was nervous about the Depo shot she thought she was going to get. (She's terrified of needles.) So thank you. That was your one shining moment of good service. The rest? Not so good.

First, you told her, "Now, are you keeping this birth control plan as a secret from your mom? I'm not here to judge you, but I hope you're not being promiscuous. You strike me as a promiscuous girl."

...Did you just basically tell my friend you think she looks like a slut? That's lovely. Good job on the not judging.

Next, after my friend's blood pressure tested too high to be able to take the Depo shot, you understandably brought up her weight. Not a fun subject, but an important one. However, you could have done without the, "I think weight is a big issue here because you're kind of...big and you need to watch what you eat. You don't have to eat nothing but salads, but you should try to cut down to about 900 to 1000 calories a day."

...You want a 5'6" 19-year-old with an active factory job to eat 900 calories a day? Well, yeah, she'd definitely lose weight, wouldn't she?

And so, finally, since the whole Depo thing didn't work out you opted to give my friend some condoms. You then scooped what looked to be EASILY a hundred condoms out of a box into a clear plastic trashbag (a small one, granted, but still OH SO classy) along with some morning-after pills and then handed them to her, saying, "Now, your next appointment is in two weeks. Will this be enough for you until then?" To be fair, I suppose you never do know just HOW much sex a person is having, but that's kind of a tasteless comment IMO. (Perhaps you commenters will disagree since, like I said, you never know. Perhaps she's had patients in the past who have used up a hundred condoms in two weeks? Who knows.)

EDIT: My friend says she's actually had this clinician before and she's never been like that. Strange. I tried to convince her to complain or make a call anyway, but she didn't sound like she was going to. A "don't rock the boat" type. Understandable, I guess. She has, however, requested to see a different person for her future appointments so at least she wont have to deal with this psycho again.
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