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Bad service or just an inconvenience?

First post, go easy on me!

A few weeks okay my computer finally gave up the ghost (wasn't my month, had a CPU failure a few weeks before and my monitor died only three days earlier), so I ordered a new one.

Things haven't been going to plan.

Below is a running tally copy of everything that has happened with regard to my delivery woes. As of today I still don't have my PC, though I'm keeping my fingers crossed it'll arrive on Friday.

To me it's sucky, given their total lack of communication, continues delays and wet lettuce staff who can't seem to keep track of what's going on.

I ordered a new computer with Mesh back in September, and given past experience with the company I was expecting a timely delivery and good service. This has been far from the case unfortunately.

Below is a timeline of events detailing the problems I've had with during the course of this one order.

Thursday 27th September 2007: Order placed with Mesh. Delivery date given, 15 October, 2007. it's three weeks away and I would have liked it sooner, but it's okay, I can deal.

Friday, 12th October 2007: I get a call from Mesh at home stating that a component had yet to arrive and that my delivery date would now be Thursday, 18th October. I'm okay with this, they called, apologised and I understand that these things happen.

Thursday, 18th October 2007: Since I'm at work, my mother waits at home all day for the delivery. But by 5pm it becomes apparent that the delivery is probably not going to happen. However, no call was made to inform us of this, so my mother ended up waiting at home for nothing.

I end up phoning Mesh, only to be told a component had apparently failed a 'quality control test', and a replacement had to be ordered to arrive the next day (Friday). My new delivery date was now Monday, 22nd October. No apology give for the lack of phone call to inform us of this.

Monday, 22nd October 2007: Given previous experience, I placed a call to Mesh to double check my PC would indeed be delivered that day. I was informed it would be. Yay!

However, after my dad waits at home most of the day (I'm at work again), it became apparent that no delivery was to take place. Once again no phone call was received to update us of this, and once again I was forced to call up at my own expense to find out what was going on.

After being on hold for over five minutes, and being transferred to various departments in error, I'm told that yet again my computer was not ready.

This time I was informed that the motherboard was missing* and would be arriving Tuesday, making my arrival date now Wednesday, 24th October. Yeah, I'm doubtful too.

Tuesday, 23rd October 2007: I ring up as suggested to check that my latest delivery date was still okay. It wasn't.

My computer was undergoing yet more 'quality control checks', and I'm told that it 'may' be delivered on Thursday, 25th October, although no promise is given.**

Wednesday, 24th October 2007: My mother receives a call that morning from Mesh letting us know that my computer should be delivered on Thursday, but will call back to confirm. Funnily enough, they never do!

I call around 6pm Mesh to chase this over two phone calls. During the first call I was told the computer was yet again not ready, and they'd call when it was. I asked them for an estimated delivery date, or how much notice we'd get before delivery (since arrangements would have to be made to ensure someone was there to receive delivery), but they would only respond that they would call. Can't say I'm surprised though, since they can't seem to keep to the dates they do give out.

Given the track record of calls to update us actually occurring, I called again a little later, when I'm informed that it may be ready for Friday, 26th October, but to once again call the next day (Thursday) to confirm this.

* If this was the component that failed on the Thursday (to be delivered on the Friday) it would be clear that if delayed the computer would not be able to be sent out on Monday. Surely they could have placed a phone call to us, or you know, informed me of this when I called Monday instead of telling me everything was fine and I'd get my PC that day.

If this was a another missing component, why did they not inform me of this in one of the many previous calls I'd placed?

** At this point I stated that this is the forth delivery date I've been given, and a week and a half's delay. The staff member's response? Prolonged silence, before a weak, uninterested "well, we're sorry…" he sounded totally uninterested in my complaint and it was obvious I wasn't going to get anywhere with him. Unfortunately being at work

The end, so far.

I couldn’t ask to speak to a supervisor and get right down to it, because I'm not really supposed to make personal calls, and I'm getting enough grief with the quick calls I've managed to make thus far. A letter of complaint in the near future looks like a rather appealing idea though.

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