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Hell is MDM/Broadstrike Cable

Since May I have been experiencing poor reception on Discovery, Bravo and A&E channels of the expanded cable package with MDM. While I could see the show, the sound kept going out like on a cell phone. I called numerous times (holding for 1/2 hour each if not more) about this, but MDM kept telling us they were in the process of upgrading our service to digital and once that was done we wouldn't be experiencing any more problems. I tried unsuccessfully to get some sort of credit since those channels were basically useless (just try watching Law & Order with shoddy audio) without any luck. After speaking with my neighbors, I found out MDM was handing out $100 credits. So I called back a dozen times, giving up after a half hour. I then started calling and emailing. Emails as follows, too many calls to write up.

July 17 - Explained ongoing audio issue, asked for same credit as neighbors received via email. Refused.

Aug 2nd - Again, asked for credit via email this time listing neighbors who received credit. Given $20 credit. Sent politely worded protest email.

Aug 7th - Canceled cable service, sent back cable box with polite letter explaining I no longer wanted their cable service since they didn't support tech problems for customers.

Aug 9th - received email from MDM once again apologizing and insisting I still have Basic cable. Returned email explaining I canceled because the service was more trouble than it was worth. Received email apology once again.

Sometime after that MDM changed its name to Broadstrike with a new bill format. So today, got a bill from Broadstrike regarding "Basic cable service & internet" and after checking the last few months which only show MDM "Basic Connection". After done screaming, tried to call - long hold times, so I tried their online help desk and their tech gave me a $50 which is 1 month of basic cable. Ugh. Forwarded emails from August showing I canceled that service and now waiting for another email with hopefully credits from August & September.

Unfortunately, Broadstrike is the only high speed internet provider where I live since my home has a thick tree line making satellite service impossible and none of the phone companies offer it where I live.

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