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Oh, the quack shack. Has anyone ever actually had good service at one of these places? Ours pulled some really spectacular things on me (like giving me Zoloft without a psychiatric evaluation, etc), but nothing compares to the antics of one particular doctor.

This doctor started the summer after my junior year. Now, this doctor did not speak English as a first language. This, in and of itself, is no problem. It's college. Half my professors didn't. The difference was that they actually spoke English well. This guy had been sadly misinformed as to his prowess with the language. Neither of us ever understood what the hell with other one was saying, and that is a BAD THING when you're talking to a doctor.

So the first time I saw this doctor, I had a swollen knee. It wasn't anything serious, but it hurt like hell and Aleve just wasn't cutting it. So he checks me out, tells me he's gonna write me a script for some pain meds, and sends me on. I think everything is fine and dandy.

Until I get to the pharmacy, and his prescription.... is a bottle of Aleve. Not the prescription strength; the pharmacist literally reached up and took a bottle of off-brand OTC naproxen sodium off the shelf, slapped a label on it, and gave it to me (looking extremely confused as to why she was doing it, to her credit). So, not having the time or money to see a different doctor, I went home, and my knee eventually got better on its own.

I don't have to go back to the doctor for a few months, but when I do, I'm really, really sick. I've been running a high fever for several hours, I can't sleep, I've got chills, I'm coughing so hard that it's making me throw up. I'm a complete snivelling wreck at this point, and I'm practically incoherent. I just want somebody to knock me out and take me to my momma.

So I get the same doctor, of course, because it turns out to just not be my week*. He sends me for a flu test, where I freak out and cry (not the nurse's fault, and she handled it very well). He comes back, and I (obviously) have the flu. About the only coherent thing I can say at this point is "I want something to make me stop coughing", and he nods, writes me a script, and sends me on.

You know what's coming, right? I go to the pharmacy, and the doctor has written me a prescription for Tamiflu (so far, so good) and Zyrtec. An antihistamine. Wait, what? Since when do I have allergies? Or hives? Where the fuck is my cough suppressant? What part of "I'm coughing so hard I'm throwing up" doesn't translate? I know overmedication is a serious problem, but what in the blue fuck?

Unfortunately, I was way too sick to argue, so I went home and rode it out. And the Zyrtec, much like the goggles, did nothing.

Certainly not as serious as some of the other medical woes here, but it definitely wasn't good service.

*I got cheated on, rejected from the grad school I wanted, and had the flu, all within about 9 days. Sucked to be me.
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