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Dude, I dont know what this is.....Good service or bad service or odd service?

Anyway, I tend to go out once a week or once a month or when I can afford a babysitter. My group consists of 2 20 yo males 1 20 yo female(yours truely) and 1 17yo female (the four of us are just friends), anyhoo we tend to get giggly and obnoxious when we are out in public. So, we go to one of the 24 hr restuarants last friday night and we get a cool server. We are not even in the place 5 minutes when my friends start causing trouble. One of the males decided to tap a sign and it comes tumbling down. Now weve got the manager over our heads and watching our server. Everytime our server would ask if we needed anything, the manager would end up bringing it to us. So anyway, we enjoy the meal and decided since we were noisy and all that and the service was great and we were allowed to stay we left a $17 tip (our meal was only $35 between the four of us) and a note on a napkin apoglizing for our behavior (i was raised up to be polite and all that, my friends not really so polite). So we go back to the same restuarant early this morning/late last night. We are being ourselves. Our server was a not so thrilled lady. She was rushing and kind of rude about it (i dont mind the rushing it was a friday night at a central location) so we were like ok weve got to behave. I had to bribe my friends into this feat. Our server began to loosen up towards the end of the stay and at the end she asked us if we wanted her to divide up the check (she already handed us the check) I had already figured out what everyone owed and said no dont worry about it. Plus side to it is one big check=bigger tip with my group. Normally we throw in our change (anywhere from $1 to $5 a person) plus a few extra dollars. So our server got like $10 on our $30 tab. Now for the questioning part. I go up to pay the bill and I notice these comment cards. I make a joke with my friends that we should have wrote last week's note on that instead. Another server overheard me and comes over to our group. He kind of makes a scene about how we are always in there (which is true) and generally tend to overtip and are nice to the servers whatever (dont quite remember exact words now) but ended by saying the next time we were there that he was claiming us. Now I am gonna feel bad if we go in there and we cant leave the tips we normally do. 2 members of the group dont work and get their funds from family, I work but have a baby and my other friend works but pays for school so.....gah maybe i should rethink my generosity sometimes.
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