Chibi Drunk Sanzo (chibidrunksanzo) wrote in bad_service,
Chibi Drunk Sanzo

Taco Bell gripe

I've worked retail, but never fast food. Still, even if the food was made to order because it was 10:00 PM (which seems a little early to me?), half an hour in the drive through at Taco Bell with only 5 cars ahead of us seems ridiculous to me. That's about 5 minutes per car. I happened to look at the time as we pulled in, so I can say with certainty it was almost exactly 30 minutes.

I really can't come up with a real reason for them to be so slow, either. My friend and I had a good view of both the lobby and the kitchen from the drive-through. Only one person came and went in the lobby during our time in line. There were two cooks plus an order-taker inside. The drive-through curved, too, so we could see there weren't a ton of people in the cars ahead of us and the bags we saw handed out were relatively small. Even if there were, we didn't order much food and it still took a long time for us.

To top it off, this was the type of drive-through with a median on either side, so we couldn't even pull out of line to go somewhere else. ...Okay, technically we could have because I have a lifted jeep and it laughs at medians, but I'm not into property destruction.

Seriously, if anybody in the fast food industry can give a reasonable explanation, that would be great. If not, I will feel content in my gripe.
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